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Join our team of amazing volunteers, who contribute time, effort and skill, from a place of love, and for the benefit of our beneficiaries.

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As a Non-Profit, Kokotletso Foundation relies on the Donor Community to fund our programmes and activities, as well as to sustain this platform.


Our Projects are tailored to address real world challenges that hinder the realisation of true potential.

In younger children, the biggest obstacle is receptive skills.

In the youth age segment, the problem of unemployment results in stagnation, interventions are required to get young people over this period of bewilderedness and prolonged adolescence.

In total we AIM TO collect

R3 500 500.00

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PLAYING OUR PART TO make the world better


Kokotletšo Foundation believes in the power of a charitable heart and a helping hand, and the empathy to understand that underpriviledged and disenfranchised groups are justiably in desparate need of support. With that in mind, our philosophy is that helping anyone to becoming self sufficient and self reliant is the truest form of empowerment.

It is for this reason that we take a lifecycle approach to our interventions.

We tackle such challenges as overcoming cognitive dissonance, misperceptions of teachability, and confronting one's own self limiting beliefs, which ultimately shape how one views the world and the inherent problems facing most people yet some approach them with self destructive and counter-intuitive thoughts, thus ending up with a mindset of helplessness and victimhood.


For us, education is not purely what happens in the classroom of traditional grade schools, it is about empowering the young mind to appreciate what it's capable of. 

Like an athlete who trains and conditions their muscular and vascular system, to prime their body for optimal physical performance, we believe in conditioning the mind in a similar way so that it is optimised to perform at its highest capability.


Whether it is academics, physical activity or mastering a tool or instrument; ability is tied to the extent to which one can comprehend what they are being coached or taught.  

It is now known that a significant component of how teachable anyone is at any knowledge set or skill is closed linked to their natural predispositions and other natural attributes.

It is for this reason that our approach in all our programmes is based on individual assessments and under what each beneficiary is gifted in perceiving with relative ease.

Our Goal: R3 500 500
Time left: 105 Days


Sometimes help is required on an urgent basis. And whenever an interest group is in dire need of immediate assistance, ranging from need for food, shelter, safety, we work with those interest groups either through community leaders, community church or community centre to intervene to address that emergency need.